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Data Solutions

Your data is one of the most important investments you will make in your business. Not only does to keep track of your existing customers and allow you to enrich and grow your relationships with them, it also holds the key to finding prospects which are most likely to do business with you. By keeping your data up to date, accurate your are investing in the future of your company.

Let us help you enrich and maintain your data with the following services.

Mailing Solutions

Address Correction & Standardization -  will correct your data increasing accuracy and improving the delivery rate of mail pieces you can send to your existing clients.

National Change of Address - Approximately 1/3rd of the Canadian population moves every year. This means approximately 1/3rd of your customers could be potentially moving every year to. Did they remember to update their address on file with you? Dont take any chances, save money and maintain your valuable relationships, with National Change of Address make sure you mail piece gets to your customers.

Other important mailing services we also offer:
icon1 Name and Address Validation
icon1 Postal Optimization
icon1 Letter Carrier Presort
icon1 National Distribution Guide
icon1 Mail or Telemarketing Preference Service
icon1 French Character Accenting

Data Profiling

Create a profile of who your existing customers are and segment your prospecting efforts and much more. Gain Business Intelligenece, Research, Complete Corporate Profiles, Consumer Profiles, Stats reports and Lifestyle selections.

Automated Data Processing

24 hours a day 7 days a week you can have your data your way when you want it and fast. Upload your file to a designated FTP site and right away our automated systems pickup your file and begin the processing work. All of the most common Data processing tasks are available and we can customize processes to suite your needs. ACS, Business Enhancement, Consumer Enhancement, Reverse Phone append and more. Automated Data Processing is your key to timely enhanced data.